JBL Live 400BT Voice Enabled Bluetooth Headset (Blue, On the Ear)


Product Description
JBL Signature Sound

This JBL LIVE400BT headset is equipped with powerful 40-mm drivers and the JBL Signature Sound technology which deliver enhanced bass and immersive sound. So, you can listen and groove to your favourite songs without missing out on the beats and riffs.

Google and Alexa Voice Assistant

You can use Alexa and Google Voice Assistant with this headset. To use Alexa, you will have to download, both, the Alexa app, and the My JBL Headphones App on your mobile and then set the Voice assistant to Alexa on the JBL app. Once done, select the Live 400BT from the Alexa app and carry out your commands easily. To use Google Assistant, pair this headset to your Android mobile device, configure it by following the screen steps, and then you are good to use it. To launch the service, you only have to tap on the left ear cup.


It also comes with the TalkThru feature. This lets you easily engage in a conversation without removing your headset, as it drops the volume of the audio you are listening. To turn this feature on, simply short press the TalkThru button.

Ambient Aware

Besides getting an immersive listening experience, you can also be aware of the surrounding sounds at the same time. It is equipped with the Ambient Aware feature that lets you hear any external sound. It is ideal when you are travelling or crossing a road. To use this feature, all you need to do is click the TalkThru button twice.

Battery Life

You only have to charge it for two hours to get up to 24 hours of battery life. If you are in a rush, you can charge it for up to 15 minutes to get 2 hours of playtime. Thanks to its fast recharging technology.

Multi-Point Connection

You can also easily switch from one Bluetooth device to another. So, if you are watching a video on your tablet and you receive a call on your mobile phone, you can effortlessly switch from the tablet to the phone.

My JBL Headphones App

You can customise your listening experience and enjoy your favourite playlist just the way you like it by tweaking the JBL LIVE400BT sound preferences via the My JBL Headphones app. So, whether you want to add more kick to your playlist with extra bass or you want to add more Jazz, you can do so easily.

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About this item

  • JBL Signature Sound with Enhanced Bass
  • Tap on EarCup to Activate Alexa & other Voice Assistant
  • 24 Hours Battery Life in just 2 Hours Recharging Time
  • 15 minutes charging for 2 hours playtime
  • Ambient Aware allows you to have a quick chat without having to pause your music; TalkThru feature drops the music level and amplifies external voices
  • Multi-Point Connection allowing to Switch Between two Bluetooth Devices
  • Detachable Cable with Remote and Microphone for wired listening when you are out of charge


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