36W Total Power

PD Protocol


Dual Mode

Fast Charging

Mobile – Car – Life

• Adapt high-quality energy management protocol like IC and PD. Auto identify the

charging device and distribute the current intelligently. Safe, fast and durable,

Charging without damaging the battery.

• Dual USB ports can charge fast simultaneously. Max output reach up to 36W.

Main and vice drive can charge at the same time.

• Support fast charging protocol like Samsung; PD and QC3.0. Suitable to phones:

Ipad: Macbook; Xiaomi Air notebook and so on.

• With USB-C and Lightning cable for IOS devices, it can also charge quickly for

iPad Pro; iPhone8 and iphoneX.

• Meets safety standards and sets multiple protection system like over-current;

over-voltage: over-temperature short circuit and anti-electromagnetic

interference protection.

• Made of Zinc Alloy material, Body streamline design, processed by 18 processes

Like CNC: polishing: sand blasting: oxidation and laser engraving.

• Metal elastic contact design is durable and sensitive to the contacts, Suitable to

different models cigarette lighter, Double-side spring buckle design firmly locks

the charging port and makes your lovely car become a mobile charging station

• Pure white LED energy lamp with even and soft light, Needn’t to be in dark at

night and atmosphere inside the car is more elegant.

Support fast charging protocol like PD and QC3.0,

Suitable to phones, Ipad; notebook and so on.



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