ROCK RPH0876 Universal Stretchable Car Headrest Mount


ROCK RPH0876 Universal Stretchable Car Headrest Mount

Brand : Rock

Model : RPH0876

Material : Aluminum Alloy + ABS + Silicone

Color : Black




1.The bracket can be rotated freely in 360 degrees, and can be adjusted to the best comfortable position according to personal habits. 2.Suitable for multiple types of vehicle seats. 3.Applicable to mobile phones/tablets of 5 inches and above, you can watch TV while driving, and the line of sight is smooth, which adds fun to the journey. 4.Press the button expansion plate to lengthen to 16.5cm, which is convenient for rest and use as a headrest. 5.Reserve holes at both ends of the bracket to facilitate charging of mobile phones and other equipment. 6.Silicone protection pad, installed does not hurt the mobile phone. 7.Material: ABS+PC, aluminum alloy, silicone.


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