OPPO O-Fresh Stereo Earphone with 3.5mm Jack (Black)


Brand : Oppo

Colour : Black

Connector Type : Wired

Model Nam : MH151 

Headphones Jack : 3.5 mm

About this item

  • High Resolution Sound Quality Certified by Hi-Res Graphene Vibrating Diaphragm Sound Field Enhancement Technology Geometric Aesthetics Design
  • O-fresh, just to make its sound well-balanced between clear treble, outstanding alto and powerful bass. Enjoy your groove with o-fresh
  • The 11-mm moving coil loudspeaker, made with graphene diaphragm and the copper clad aluminium voice coil from daikoku japan, not only effectively expands the bandwidth to 20hz-40khz
  • Copper coil improves bass depth and high pitch extensibility



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