SONY 310AP Wired Headset (Black, On the Ear)

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Product Description
Experience the next generation of headphones with Sony’s MDR-ZX310-AP sound monitoring headphones. Fitted with a 30mm dynamic driver unit and in-line remote control with mic, you are guaranteed to enjoy hours of crisp, quality sound.
Metallic Look

This headphone incorporates a stylish metallic outer casing which gives your phone a sturdy, bold look. It also has a four-conductor gold plated L-shaped stereo mini plug.




L-shape miniplug

Powerful Sound

You will be able to listen to your tracks like never before as this headphone is packed with a 30mm driver unit that has a wide frequency, allowing you to enjoy a powerful bass and clear sounds.


Driver Unit

Highly Portable

The Sony MDR-ZX 310 is headphone can be carried anyway where you go as its slim, folding design makes it highly portable. It also has a long cord, allowing you to use it wherever you go.



Switch Between Music and Phone

This headphone also allows you to easily switch from music to phone calls as it uses an in-line microphone and remote, giving the ability to pause, play and control the volume of the track easily.



About this item

  • Hands free phone calls
  • Powerfull and high quality provides balanced sound
  • Stereo headphones used for smartphones, android, ipad, ipod, iphone and blackberry


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